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Flagship Experiences

Industry Mentor Program

Pair up with a mentor from industry. They could take you for coffee or even let you shadow them!

Leadership Retreat Camp

A two-day retreat, with an aim to enhance your leadership and soft skills for your personal and professional life.

Industry Workshops

Come to our industry events co-hosted by our sponsors on campus and ask questions about your career paths.

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Upcoming Events

BISA x Accenture Presents: HTML / CSS Workshop

If you're looking to 'hyper' accelerate your employability and 'cascade' into greater understanding of how the World Wide Web works, come along to the HTML/CSS Workshop, run in partnership with Accenture! This workshop will equip you to understand the fundamental cornerstone technologies that support the Internet as you know it - everything from Facebook to emails, and even our saviour Wikipedia. 

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BISA x Accenture: Accenture Case Crack 2019

Want to learn how to ACE your next case study? Interested in mastering your consulting skills? Come along to Accenture's Case Crack event to learn how one of the largest consulting firms in the WORLD takes on problems! Join us for the Accenture Case Crack event held in collaboration with BISA. This is a fun, informative way to make new friends or catch up with old ones, so sign up now to be a part of the experience!

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