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Flagship Experiences

Industry Mentor Program

Pair up with a mentor from industry. They could take you for coffee or even let you shadow them!

Leadership Retreat Camp

A two-day retreat, with an aim to enhance your leadership and soft skills for your personal and professional life.

Industry Workshops

Come to our industry events co-hosted by our sponsors on campus and ask questions about your career paths.

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Upcoming Events

BISA x EY Presents: Welcome BBQ 2019

BISA is starting the semester with a sizzle with the Semester 1 Welcome BBQ! Come along to feed your appetite for a sausage sizzle and a deeper knowledge of what Business Information Systems is, we've got you covered. Rub shoulders with BIS staff and lecturers, get the student run-down on what studying BIS is like, and make some new friends. Don't forget to ask us about our upcoming camp, how you can get involved with us through our subcommittee applications, the peer mentoring program that's kicking off this year, and all the other exciting events we've got planned! 

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BISA Peer Mentor Program 2019

Getting your head around where you can find the information you need to succeed, figuring out what classes you should (and shouldn't!) enrol in, and all the other terrifying things that make university different are pretty tough to work through without a mental freak-out or two. That's where BISA comes in! This year we're running a peer mentoring program where first year students are connected with older 'been-there-done-that' BIS student through group mentoring sessions. These seasoned students have been around long enough to know all the tips and tricks for not just surviving but thriving in university. You will also network with fellow peer mentees and if you're lucky, you'll find your dream team for your BIS group projects!

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BIS Major Insights Evening

Did you know that studying Business Information Systems will allow you to capitalise on the fastest-growing and highest-paying jobs in business? Whether you've already got an idea about how you want to forge a career as a business analyst, consultant, compliance analyst, or enterprise architect, or just want to figure out what major to choose to maximise your degree, come along to the BIS Major Insights Evening to find out where BIS can take you.

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BISA Retreat 2019

Whether you're a first-year student who hasn't figured out what BIS or BISA stands for, or an older student getting ready to take-off and conquer the corporate world, we'd love to have you at our 2019 Retreat. Reconnect with some old faces, meet some new ones, and get ready to have some fun! This year we'll be heading up to the Northern Beaches for a good chill out at the Collaroy Centre! Test your skills in a laser tag battle to end all laser tag battles, tickle your mind with some intense trivia, and more! With Collaroy Beach only ten minutes away, you can bet we'll be heading down for a bit of a R&R by the beach. 

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