The Industry Mentor Program is the Business Information Systems Association’s (BISA) flagship event. Mentees will be paired off with a mentor, an industry professional, with whom they’ll organise at least 3 meetings over the 10-week program between August and October. The meetings can be in the form of a catch up over coffee, lunch or a shadowing opportunity to discuss your career goals and seek guidance from a mentor who has experience in the industry.

BISA will try out best to match you with a mentor that has a background and/or interests in the business area(s) you are interested in.


This is an application page. You can find more details here:

– Thursday 15th August evening for the Mentor Program Launch event at PwC
– Wednesday 23rd October for the Mentor Program Closing event at PwC
You’ll organise at least 3 meetings that will suit both yourself and your mentor over the course of the program.
Successful applicants must also attend a compulsory workshop on Thursday 8th August evening.

Applications close Sunday 30th June 2019, 11.59pm.

If successful, after applications have closed you will be contacted for a short phone interview.


Application has now closed.